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Pharmcom is located in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • New Zealand is admired the world over for its beauty and tranquillity, from the white sand beaches and thermal areas of the north to the snow-clad mountains of the south.
  • Auckland is an exciting, modern cosmopolitan city built on a narrow isthmus between two harbours, the Waitemata to the East and the Manukau to the West.
  • Auckland is also the retail and commercial centre of New Zealand, with a number of head offices and business's servicing commerce, manufacturing and tourism.
  • Auckland is best known as the "City of Sails" because of the large number of yachts sailing the harbors. Auckland was also famous as being the home, until March 2003, of the America's Cup - yachting's most esteemed prize

New Zealand has very strict rules regarding the registration of medicines. The therapeutics section of the New Zealand Ministry of Health is responsible for developing and administering legislation which regulates medicines and medical devices available in New Zealand. This is done to ensure that these therapeutic products do what they are intended to do, are of an acceptable quality, and pose a minimal risk to health. This allows customers of Pharmcom to be assured that only the highest quality pharmacy medicines will be supplied.

All of the medicines supplied by Pharmcom are dispensed by a licensed pharmacy.

New Zealand has a very proactive pharmaceutical management agency, which has resulted in the prices of many pharmacy medicines being reduced. Along with a favourable exchange rate this allows Pharmcom to arrange the supply of many products at very competitive prices.

Many countries will allow you to import medicines for your own personal use, however we advise that you check with your local customs authority before ordering any Pharmcom products.

Pharmcom does NOT supply any controlled substances, drugs of abuse or performance enhancing steroids. Pharmcom will NOT supply Phentermine, Didrex, Tenuate, Redux, Meridia etc or any codeine based painkillers such as Hydrocodone or Vicodin.

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